This page contains videos that are produced by the Office of the Commissioner.

The Heroic and the Dammed - Restoring the Lower Cotter Catchment

The Commissioner completed an evaluation of the restoration of Lower Cotter Catchment in December 2018. Whilst the progress is commendable, there is still more to be done. Several recommendations were made to ACT Government.


Actsmart Schools - St Bede's First Waste Audit

On Friday 8th February 2019 Actsmart School's officers went to St Bede's Primary School in Red Hill Canberra, to do their first waste audit.

Actsmart schools waste audit

Heritage Values of Red Hill Camp

Listen to David Flannery, Chair of the ACT Heritage Council, discuss the heritage values of Red Hill Camp. February 2019.

David Flannery - Red Hill Camp

Canberra's Urban Forests

Our urban forests provide are not just beautiful. They provide increasingly critical functions in a changing climate. 2016.

Urban Forests