State of the Environment Report 2007 

Snapshot: Go Zero CO2 Farrer – thinking globally, acting locally

A range of ACT community groups are working on environment-related projects. Some have broad environmental or sustainability objectives; some have a tighter focus, such as on biodiversity; and some have a particular concern for climate change.

Go Zero CO2 Farrer, a Farrer based community group, is dedicated to achieving carbon neutrality for every household in that area, including its vehicle use, an ambitious objective and a great expression of community concern being converted into action.

The technique adopted is a carbon calculator to compute each household’s annual carbon output (in tonnes of CO<sub>2</sub>) and allow calculation of budgeted savings. A variety of offsets can be purchased, if needed, to reach a zero CO<sub>2</sub> balance. Calculating suburb-wide progress would be facilitated by an ability to measure gas and electricity use on a district or regional basis, an issue being tackled with ACTEW-AGL.

Farrer Primary School has adopted the project into its Years 5 - 6 curriculum from 2008, teaching students both mathematical and environmental lessons and drawing them in to being part of the solution. A major early focus through the school, and for the project generally, is to “train the trainers” on calculator use. The Farrer Service Station is one location selling offsets (with no obligation to purchase petrol): the offsets take the form of trees planted in the Farrer School grounds to create a “carbon forest”.

This is a good example of communities zeroing in on our sustainability challenges. 

living sustainably

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