State of the Environment Report 2007 

Snapshot: CIT – switching on to switching off

With the flick of a computer switch – or not – sustainability can be served. In fact, computer servers can flick the switch. At the Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT), a technological program has been instituted to turn off its 993 student desk-top PCs and their 1009 monitors. At 10.30 pm every night, each active machine across CIT’s libraries, laboratories and learning centres is switched off. A warning message appears on screens 30 minutes earlier and keen late night learners have the means to override the impending shut-down if they wish.

CIT has calculated a maximum available monetary saving of $51,000 per year and a saving of 864 tonnes of GHG (CO2 equivalent). Under more moderate assumptions of usage and switch off, the annual saving is estimated to be at least $30,000 and 518 tonnes of CO2 – equivalent to taking some 120 cars off the road for a year. CIT will extend the process to staff computers during 2008. 

living sustainably

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