ACT State of the Environment 2007


Dr Maxine Cooper, ACT Commissioner for Sustainability and the Environment has produced this State of the Environment Report (the Report). It builds on the ACT State of the Environment Reports previously prepared by Dr Joe Baker. A wide range of experts has supported an in-house team to produce the Report. It is a pleasure to acknowledge all those involved.

Office of the ACT Commissioner

Ms Sarah Burrows, Senior Manager has met a very challenging task of completing the Report. Her tenacity, communication skills and commitment ensured that the Report is informative and readable by a wide audience. Ms Burrows was a writer for some sections and greatly assisted me with respect to the sustainability chapter. Her knowledge of sustainability has proven to be invaluable.

Dr Warren Nichols was the project manager prior to Ms Burrows, his strong leadership, coordination and expertise resulted in advancing the development of the Report quickly. His commitment and ability to source and synthesise information is reflected in the comprehensive nature of the Report. Ms Pauline Carder was the initial project manager whose foundation work in securing data and consultants is appreciated.

Mr Martin Worthy gave insights into catchment management along with providing valuable assistance in shaping the final document. Ms Michelle Walters has used her diplomacy skills to organise many meetings, applied her research skills and effectively managed the budget. Ms Cristal King has been exemplary in her professional approach to undertaking multiple tasks and giving strong support to Ms Burrows in finalising the Report.

Mr Darro Stinson was as the interim Commissioner who established agency contacts and defined systems for collecting the needed data. This initial work established an important foundation.


The following consultants assisted in the collation of data and preparation of technical or other material for this report:

Mr Roger Beckmann, Dr Lenore Coltheart, Mr Clem Davis, Dr Kevin Frawley, Dr Janette Lindesay, Mr Geoffrey McAlpine, Dr Warren Nichols, Ms Cathy Nicoll, Mr Roger Nicoll, Dr Rosemary Purdie, Dr David Shorthouse, Dr Helen Sims, Barry Starr, Mr Martin Worthy.

Their expertise, suggestions and willingness to work closely with staff helped ensure a comprehensive report.

Ms Cathy Nicoll (Communication Breakthrough) in electronically publishing all the material and Ms Jenny Cook (Pen Ultimate) in undertaking an edit gave invaluable support. Ms Renee Bennett (Design One) undertook the graphic design work for the Report.

Reference Groups

Climate and greenhouse; and Air quality

Dr Janette Lindesay – Australian National University
Ian Fox – ACT Government Analytical laboratory
Dr Hugh Sadler – Energy Strategies
Roger Beckmann
Clem Davis – Australian National University
Professor Michael Hutchinson – Australian National University
A special thank you to the Bureau of Meteorology for data and graphs.

Conserving biodiversity

Dr David Shorthouse
Jenny Bounds – Canberra Ornithologist’s Group
Sharon Lane and Dr Murray Evans – Department of Territory and Municipal Services –ACT Government
Dr Chris Tidemann – Australian National University
Michael Doherty – Applied Ecology, CSIRO
Melinda Pickup – Greening Australia
A special thank you to Dr Shorthouse for all of his ongoing assistance.

Catchment quality

Prof Ian Falconer – University of Adelaide
Russell Watkinson and Brian Wilkinson - Department of Territory and Municipal Services, ACT Government
Ross Knee - ACTEW
Norm Mueller – ECOWISE
Bayne Geikie- ActewAGL
A special thank you to ACTEW Corporation, ActewAGL and Territory and Municipal Services, for data and graphs; and to Professor Falconer for his additional support in editing.

Resource use and Community wellbeing

Geoff Pryor
Barbara Chevalier – University of Canberra
Dr Allen Kearns – CSIRO
Dr John Schooneveldt
Penny Farnsworth – Chief Ministers Department – ACT Government
Dr Alan Wade – Australian National University
Trish Harrup – Conservation Council of the South East Region and Canberra
A special thank you to Graham Mannall, Chris Horsey, Cathy Baker, Daniel Stewart, Stephen Paterson, Dr Paul Mees whose contributions were very valuable.

Sustainability and Overview

Darro Stinson – Former Commissioner
Rosemary Purdie – Former Commissioner
Joseph Baker – Former Commissioner
Ross Knee – ACTEW
Geoff Pryor
Valerie Brown – Australian National University
Professor Brian Roberts – University of Canberra
Dr Warren Nichols
Dr David Shorthouse
Professor Will Steffen – Australian National University
Professor Ian Falconer – University of Adelaide
Trish Harrup – Conservation Council of the South East Region and Canberra
Thank you to Mr John Feint, whose coordinate of information from across TAMS was greatly appreciated.

Thank you to Territory and Municipal Services, ACTEW, ActewAGL for providing images for the Report. Also, thank you to the individuals who supplied images. These people have been referenced in the Report.

living sustainably

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