Supplemetary Information: Air Quality Standards

There are six air pollutants that Australians are exposed to more than any other:

  1. fine airborne particles less than ten microns in diameter (PM10)
  2. carbon monoxide
  3. lead
  4. nitrogen dioxide
  5. sulfur dioxide

These are monitored in Australia’s capital cities and other larger urban areas under the National Environment Protection Measure for Ambient Air Quality (Ambient Air Quality NEPM). Monitoring for particles less than 2.5 microns in diameter (PM2.5), added to the NEPM only in May 2003, should start by July 2004.

More information about the Air Quality NEMP can be found at (External Link), on the National Environment Protection Council website (External Link) . Further information about the proposed variation to the Ambient Air Quality NEPM can also be found (at (External Link)).

Sulfur dioxide is not monitored in the ACT because of the lack of heavy industry.

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