This State of the Environment Report was the last prepared by the foundation ACT Commissioner for the Environment, Dr Joe Baker AO OBE,who retired from the position in March 2004. The earlier reports provided a sound and highly credible basis for the current report, which has benefited greatly from the critical thinking that has guided the evolution of successive ACT and regional state of the environment reports since 1993.

Completion of the current report involved a wide range of experts and the commitment of many individuals from throughout the region who it is also a pleasure to acknowledge.

Mr John Feint, Environment ACT, coordinated the input of information for the ACT section of the Regional Report from a wide range of departments in the ACT Government. His completion of this enormous task, with unending patience and tact and always with an eye on the tight deadlines needed to complete the ACT Report, is greatly appreciated.

Four reference groups also made important contributions to the ACT component of the report. Each reference group provided input to one of the following themes of the report: Atmosphere, Biodiversity, Catchments (Land and Water) and Human Settlement. The members of each group generously gave their time and expertise to support the Office, and their knowledge and guidance was invaluable in completing the ACT report.

Office of the ACT Commissioner for the Environment officers

The State of the Environment Report for the ACT was prepared under the direction of then-Commissioner Dr Joe Baker AO OBE.

Dr Helen Sims, Manager of the Office, remained a lynch-pin for the overall planning and preparation of the ACT report and ensured its consistency with previous reports. In doing so, she drew on her considerable liaison skills and her wide network of colleagues within regional councils, the ACT Government and the NSW Government in addition to members of the Project Team.

Dr Sims was very ably assisted in the planning and preparation of material by Ms Pauline Carder and fixed term officers Mr Tom Chevalier for the ACT report. All these officers closely liaised with members of the Project Team, collated and analysed data, and wrote up various indicators and environmental issues. All the Office staff contributed to writing the components of the ACT report.


The following consultants assisted in the collation of data and preparation of technical or other material for this report: Dr Sara Beavis (Catchments in part), Mr Roger Beckmann (Atmosphere in part), Mr Mark Butz (Human Settlements), Mr Kevin Frawley (Biodiversity), Dr Janette Lindesay (Atmosphere in part), Ms Jinnie Lovett (Catchments in part), Ms Cathy Nicoll (Catchments in part) and Mr Barry Starr (Catchments in part).

Their expertise, suggestions and willingness to work closely with staff in the Office helped ensure a holistic report that continued to address the broad scope of the environment:

Ms Cathy Nicoll, principal of Communication Breakthrough, also continued to provide invaluable support, both in overall planning for the ACT and council components of the regional report, publishing all the ACT and council material electronically (web and CD), and substantively editing the issues for the ACT component of the report. Jenny Cook, of Penultimate, copyedited all the indicators for the ACT report. Mr Roger Nicoll, Communication Breakthrough, prepared the publicity material for the original release of the ACT report and for this regional report, including material for media kits. Roger and Cathy Nicoll, with Ms Maria Taylor of Media Associates, made a substantial contribution to rewriting the ACT issues into plain English. Mr Nathan Maina and Mr Steven Wardle helped compile the water quality data. The graphic design for print and electronic components was based on that prepared by graphic designers, Design One, for the 2000 regional report and the 2003 ACT report.

Reference Groups


Dr Janette Lindesay, School of Resources, Environment and Society, Australian National University
Mr Ian Fox, ACT Government Analytical Laboratory, ACT Health
Prof Mike Hutchinson, Centre for Resource and Environmental Studies, Australian National University
Dr Hugh Saddler, Energy Strategies Pty Ltd


Ms Penny Greenslade, Division of Botany and Zoology, Australian National University
Mr Bruce Lindenmayer, Canberra Ornithologists Group
Dr David Shorthouse, Wildlife Research and Monitoring, Environment ACT
Dr Sue Briggs, Woodland Ecology Group, NSW Department of Conservation
Dr Denis Saunders, Wildlife and Ecology Division, CSIRO
Dr Malcolm Gill, Plant Industry, CSIRO


Professor Henry Nix, AO, Centre for Resource and Environmental Studies, Australian National University
Dr Richard Norris, Environmental Science, Division of Health, Design and Science, University of Canberra
Mr Peter Liston, Water Resources, Environment ACT
Mr Cary Reynolds, Consultant
Professor Bob Wasson, School of Resources, Environment and Society, Australian National University
Professor Bill Maher, Institute for Applied Ecology, University of Canberra
Dr Alan Wade, ActewAGL
Cdr Harold Adams, AM, ACT Rural Lessee's Association
Professor Tony Jakeman, School of Resources, Environment and Society, Australian National University
Mr Damian Wall, Southern ACT Catchment Group
Ms Val Wiseman, Upper Murrumbidgee Catchment Coordinating Committee

Human Settlements

Dr Allen Kearns, Sustainable Ecosystems, CSIRO
Ms Caroline LeCouteur, Australian Conservation Foundation
Mr Ken Johnson, School of Resources, Environment and Society, Australian National University
Dr John Schooneveldt, Nature and Society Forum
Mr Brian Binning, Planning Consultant
Dr Alan Wade, Water Division, ActewAGL
Dr Janis Birkeland, Centre for Environmental Philosophy, Planning and Design, University of Canberra
Dr Lyndal Thorburn, Advance Consulting and Evaluation Pty Ltd
Ms Melissa Langhorne, Environmental Health, ACT Health

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