RSOER Harden 2008

Harden Shire

Read the State of the Environment reports below:

Renowned for its dryland cropping and grazing, Harden Shire covers an area of 186,900 hectares on the eastern edge of the wheat-sheep belt on the South-Western Slopes of New South Wales.

The Murrumbidgee River runs for 38 kilometres along the southern boundary of Harden Shire adjacent to Gundagai Shire.

Harden Shire boasts the highest yield per hectare wheat country in Australia, along with cereal and oilseed farming and broadacre sheep and cattle production. Not surprisingly, farming and agriculture are a lifeblood to the shire and its main townships of Harden-Murrumburrah, Galong, and Jugiong.

As of June 2007, some 3683 people lived in Harden Shire. (Source Australian Bureau of Statistics comments on years 2001-2007 ABS Catalogue No 3218.0 (2008)

As of June 2004, some 3771 people lived in Harden Shire.

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