2015 Fact Sheets

Fact sheets for the ACT State of the Environment Report

The ACT State of the Environment Report 2015 fact sheets summarise the key messages and main findings for topics covered in the report. Fact sheets are provided for:

2013 Fact Sheets

Ten Fact sheets for teachers and students

To assist teachers and students in developing Green papers for the Parliament of Youth on Sustainability held at Parliament House Canberra in October 2013, the Office produced a set of ten fact sheets.

The fact sheets were developed in line with the Youth Parliament Green Paper topics using information from past State of the Environment Reports and cover the following areas:

  1. Carbon Emissions (pdf, 570kb)
  2. Community Engagement (pdf, 819kb)
  3. Ecological Footprint (pdf, 620kb)
  4. Food Choices (pdf, 911kb)
  5. Protecting Biodiversity (pdf, 725kb)
  6. Renewable Energy (pdf, 512kb)
  7. Transport (pdf, 579kb)
  8. Urban Planning (pdf, 479kb)
  9. Waste (pdf, 635kb)
  10. Water in the ACT (pdf, 839kb)

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