The environmental-economic accounts produced for the Proof of Concept (Environmental-Economic Accounts for ACT State of the Environment Reporting) comprise a suite of environmental accounts produced by the Office of the Commissioner for Sustainability and the Environment in collaboration with the Australian National University and the Australian Bureau of Statistics. The accounts are based on the United Nations System of Environmental-Economic Accounts Central Framework (SEEA-CF) and SEEA Experimental Ecosystem Accounting (SEEA-EEA).

These accounts are experimental. Improvements can be made as revised methods and new data sources continue to become available and based on feedback from various stakeholders.

Proof of Concept


Explanatory Note


Accounts (data spreadsheets)

GHG - carbon dioxide emissions ANZSIC 2013-2016, Carbon dioxide transport emissions table 2013-2016

Pollutants - air pollution tables ANZSIC division 2007-2016


Species - listed species account 2001-2016, listed species account total change 2001-2016, listed species classes table 2001-2016

Environmental Condition

Atmosphere - air quality pollution account 2007-2016, carbon dioxide concentration 2006-2016

Terrestrial - terrestrial condition table 2000-2016

Water - water condition account reaches 2014-2016, water condition account rivers lakes 2014-2016

Environmental Expenditure

environmental expenditure 2014-2016


Landuse change matrix 2014-2016, landuse change account 2014-2016, landcover landuse matrix 2014-2016, landcover change matrix 2004-2015, landcover change account 2004-2015


waste account 2014-2015, waste account 2015-2016


water asset tables 2011-2015, water supply use tables 2011-2015