Thinking in Circles: Canberra’s Circular Economy Forum 16 June 2020

The linear take-make-waste system no long stacks up. But Canberra is in the perfect position to disrupt the system, and a new vision for a circular economy – where we rely on renewables, recycling and reuse to create a closed loop – is emerging.

Hear from a panel of experts as they unpack the obstacles and the opportunities ahead.

We recorded local case studies with Capital Brewing Co, Girls on Bikes, and Ona Coffee to give you a snap shot of some of the amazing circular initiatives already happening in the ACT.

The transition to renewable energy underpins the circular economy. To illustrate the potential and raise awareness of the circular economy; Coffee, Beer and Riding are explored conceptually in this Issues Paper.

A modified version is also available without the beer industry analysis, suitable for any age as an education tool.