Documents available on our website include:

  • ACT State of the Environment reports from 1997 to the present
  • Annual Reports from 2000-01 to the present
  • Investigation reports
  • Other CSE Reports

These and other reports are also available by phoning or emailing the Office and can be posted to any member of the community.

State of the Environment (SoE) reporting is a requirement under the Commissioner for the Environment Act 1993. The SoE report provides an assessment of the condition of the environment including atmosphere, biodiversity, land, water and heritage. The assessments consider interactions between the environment, people and communities.  The CSE has produced SoE reports since 1993.

Annual Reports

The Annual Report is prepared in accordance with section 6(1) of the Annual Reports (Government Agencies) Act 2004 and in accordance with the requirements referred to in the Chief Minister’s 2007-2010 Annual Report Directions. It reports on the operations of the Office during the financial year.


Under the Commissioner for the Environment Act 1993 if the Minister has directed the Commissioner to conduct an investigation or the Commissioner has initiated and conducted an investigation, the Commissioner must prepare a special report on the investigation.

Other CSE Reports

The expertise and independent opinion of the Commissioner is, from time to time, sought by the Minister. These reports include  the review and assessment of government policies and strategies.

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