Winter Blog

Commissioner’s Winter blog

With winter well and truly upon us, it’s a good time to stop and have a think about how you can keep warm and keep the heating bills down this season.


There are many simple ways to reduce your reliance on heating in the cooler months. Adjusting your clothing is one of the best ways to save on energy consumption, so before you reach for the heater try putting on a jumper- or try doing some star jumps to get the blood pumping!


The  ACTSmart web site provides advice on simple ways to reduce your heating costs, and your energy usage more generally. They are running a couple of workshops in the coming weeks on Drought Proofing your home (16 June) and on Understanding the Thermal Performance of your home (24 June).  ACTSmart also provides a free Home Energy Advice service, giving advice on how to reduce energy use in the home.


Wood heaters can provide a cosy atmosphere and a great source of warmth, but before you fire yours up, have a look at the guidelines produced by the ACT government to reduce your impact on air quality.  This outlines the best type of wood to use and how to use the heaters sustainably and effectively.


These tips can help you stay warm and lessen the impact on your wallet and the Canberra environment this winter.