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The ACT Commissioner for Sustainability and the Environment’s final report on the Investigation into the state of watercourses and catchments for Lake Burley Griffin was tabled in the ACT Legislative Assembly on Thursday 10 May 2012.

The report was completed by Mr Robert Neil as Commissioner, following a direction by the Minister under section 12(1)(b) of the Commissioner for the Environment Act 1993 in May 2011 to the former Commissioner Dr Maxine Cooper, to undertake the investigation.

Terms of Reference

Investigate the state of the watercourses and catchments for Lake Burley Griffin including:

  1. possible improvements for managing water quality and the appropriateness of the current protocols for lake closures;
  2. identifying the causes of lower water quality, including possible resource implications of addressing them;
  3. jurisdictional implications for water quality management of the lake; and
  4. the implication of these findings for the ACT’s other major recreational waterways, such as Lake Ginninderra and Lake Tuggeranong.

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Summary and Recommendations
Part 1  Full Report - excluding appendices (pdf, 4.77MB)
Part 2  Appendices -  as a seperate download (pdf, 9.64MB)
Part 3  Submissions – as a seperate download (pdf, 5.8MB)

Government Response

The Government Response was to agree or agree in principle to each of the 17 recommendations made in the report .

Commissioned reports and papers

Investigation into the state of Lake Burley Griffin and catchment: Water quality assessment by Ian Lawrence (Appendix A) (pdf, 1.99MB)
Investigation into the state of Lake Burley Griffin and catchment: Economic impact of Lake Burley Griffin water quality issues by Ian Lawrence (Appendix B) (pdf, 344Kb)
Lake Burley Griffin water quality: Health standards, protocols for lake closure and outcomes by Ian  Falconer, Adrian Farrant and John Woollard (Appendix C) (pdf, 786Kb)
Lake Burley Griffin: governance issues relating to water quality and integrated catchment management by Professor Murray Raff (Appendix D) (pdf, 458Kb)

Community discussion/engagement

Community views were collected by calling for public submissions and holding a forum of Lake users.  The submissions are included as Part 3 of the Report. An analysis of the submissions is included at Appendix E.

Qualitative data analysis of public submissions by Dr Richard Reilly (Appendix E) (pdf, 343Kb)
A users’ forum was held on 19 October 2011. The forum was attended by 18 users or representatives of user groups of Lake Burley Griffin. The summary record of the users’ forum is included at Appendix F.
Users’ Consultation Forum Summary Record by Interaction Consulting Group (Appendix F) (pdf, 262Kb)