Sean Grimes - Director, Sustainability, Environmental Assessments and Reporting

Sean is enthusiastic about communicating environmental information and has a wealth of experience in public environmental reporting. He has produced State of the Environment reports for Victoria, NSW and south-east England. Sean was also responsible for the production of Victoria's 2008 State of the Forests report.

Sean has a background in aquatic ecology, with many years’ experience researching and monitoring the rivers and wetlands of the ACT and NSW. He has an Honours degree in Applied Science.

Kirilly Dickson – Director, Investigations

Kirilly is a passionate, long term advocate for including sustainability into all business processes including investment decisions and strategic planning. With over 14 years in various roles in the water utility sector, Kirilly has a strong background in aquatic sciences, land management and environmental compliance associated with infrastructure.  She has managed various business elements including compliance, sustainability, operations, safety and quality.

Kirilly holds a Bachelor of (Environmental) Engineering degree with Honours from University of Wollongong and a Certificate in General Management from Harvard Business School.  She combines environmental stewardship with business pragmatism to assist in supporting a sustainable Canberra and region.

Key areas of expertise include environmental impacts and risk assessment, water resource management and energy and carbon.

Caitlin Roy – Assistant Manager, Investigations

Caitlin has a wide range of government experience within ACT and the Commonwealth. Her favourite aspect of working in ACT Government is seeing the impact of her daily work take shape in the community she lives in.

Caitlin has a Bachelor of Arts/Science from the Australian National University, with majors in Anthropology and Environmental Science and a diploma in project management. Caitlin has recently completed the Lower Cotter Catchment Restoration Evaluation Project and is currently developing an issues paper on sport and the impacts of climate change.

Serena Farrelly – Assistant Manager, Investigations

Serena studied a Bachelor of Arts/Science at the Australian National University, with majors in Sociology and Human Ecology. She is passionate about how to encourage behaviour change in people’s daily activities to reduce their impact on the environment, such as riding a bicycle or walking to work instead of driving a car.

Serena has extensive experience in nature conservation, having worked on projects such as the development of the ACT Environmental Offsets Policy and supporting the ACT Scientific Committee in the review of Threatened Species Action Plans in the Territory.

During her time at OCSE, Serena has completed the Independent Audits of the Gungahlin Strategic Assessment and the Molonglo Valley Strategic Assessment.

Megan Reichstein - Executive Assistant

Megan Reichstein is Sophie Lewis' executive assistant. She provides an invaluable contribution to the office, organising Sophie and her staff.

Megan has worked for the Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate in a range of roles.  She has also worked in the Commonwealth and has had extensive experience in the private sector.