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2004 Report


Air quality (outdoor)

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What the results tell us for Young

Young Shire generally enjoyed good air quality during the reporting period. The quality was reduced at times however because of dust storms, smoke from stubble or crop burns or other events including hazard reduction burns. Council did not undertake any monitoring of air quality.

Young Shire is a scheduled local government area for the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 (Control of Burning) Regulation. Accordingly, any application to burn (barring rural exemptions) must be sought from Council. An awareness campaign was run in the shire and approximately 12 applications to burn were received in 2004, demonstrating that residents had not been aware of the new regulation until that time.

A major commercial abattoir in Young was fined $58,000 in 2003 for one charge of breaching an environment protection licence and three charges of causing an offensive odour. The offences occurred in 2001. The NSW Environment Protection Authority took the company to the Land and Environment Court. (ABC 2003).

About the data

Information was provided by Young Shire Council.

Information about the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 and Protection of the Environment Operations (Control of Burning) Regulation 2000 was obtained from the NSW Government Legislation Website ( on 14 March 2005.


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