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2004 Report

Snowy River


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What the results tell us for Snowy River

Transport in Snowy River Shire continued to be predominantly in the form of motor vehicle use. Coach services run from the snowfields to Canberra, Sydney and centres in NSW regional areas in the winter months, but these services are more sporadic in the warmer months. A taxi service within Jindabyne township is the only form of public transport services available to residents there. School bus services run throughout the shire.

Community transport is available via a pool of volunteers utilising their own cars to transport people to and from medical appointments, mainly within the Snowy River and Cooma Monaro Shires but also to Canberra. Buses are available for regular shopping trips and also for medical visits.

Journey to work information from Census night in August 2001 shows that 3,339 people travelled outside the home to work. Of those who used only one method of transport, 46% travelled as a driver in a car with a further 12% travelling as a passenger. Of those who used two methods to journey to work, a further 2% drove a vehicle and 1% were passengers. Walking accounted for 26% of journeys; this figure is by far the highest of all areas in the Australian Capital Region, including the ACT (Australian Bureau of Statistics 2003).

The rate of ownership of motor vehicles dropped in Snowy River Shire in each year of this reporting period, in contrast to most other shires in the Australian Capital Region. In June 2001 the rate was 958 vehicles per thousand population, dropping to 775 per thousand in June 2004. The figures in Table 1 show decreases in most categories of vehicles. As with all other council areas in the region, off-road passenger vehicle numbers increased across the reporting period.

Table 1. Registered motor vehicles in Snowy River Shire, June 2001 to June 2004
Vehicle categoryJun–01Jun–02Jun–03Jun–04
Passenger Vehicles3260283328762454
Off-Road Passenger Vehicles654700821856
Small Buses86809175
Mobile Homes16161816
Light Trucks2044179618541627
Heavy Trucks222195196179
Prime Movers25221915

* Light Plant, Heavy Plant and Other Vehicles; Source: NSW Roads and Traffic Authority

About the data

Information was sourced from Snowy River Shire Council and the NSW Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA). In using the statistics available on the RTA's website, trailer numbers were excluded.


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