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What the results tell us for SnowyRiver

The major source of noise complaints in Snowy River Shire during the reporting period was barking dogs. Other sources of complaints included noise from trail bikes, transport and licensed premises (see Table 1). Data on complaints from NSW Police were not received.

Council rangers dealt with an average of 30 barking dog complaints a year. Of these, about two or three a year resulted in orders being issued under the Companion Animals Act 1998 and occasionally a complaint went to court. The council's compliance officer handled other noise issues in the shire.

During this reporting period, one complaint about a licensed premises was dealt with after a notice was issued under Section 104 of the Liquor Act 1982, where a complaint can be made under the 'Quiet and good order of neighbourhood'. The council, local police, the licensee and the NSW Department of Gaming and Racing cooperated to find an acceptable solution to the noise problem.

No noise monitoring was undertaken in the council area during the reporting period.

Table 1: Type and number of noise complaints received by Snowy River Shire Council, July 2000–June 2004
Type of complaint2000–012001–022002–032003–04
Barking DogsApprox 30Approx 30Approx 30Approx 30
Trail Bikes in both urban and semi rural areas0222
Noisy Licensed Premises1111

Source: Snowy River Shire Council

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Data were supplied by Snowy River Shire Council.