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What the results tell us for Queanbeyan

Private motor vehicles continued to provide the most accessible and popular form of transport for residents of Queanbeyan City Council Area. Journey to work information from Census night in August 2001 shows that of the 7,665 people who travelled outside the home to work, 79% travelled as a driver in a car with a further 10% travelling as a passenger, while 3% of residents drove a truck to get to work. Walking accounted for only 4.5% of journeys (Australian Bureau of Statistics 2003).

A private bus company operates within Queanbeyan City, and links with services to Canberra City and Woden in the ACT. A taxi service also operates for Queanbeyan residents. Queanbeyan's location abutting the ACT border means that access to the Canberra airport is only minutes away by car. The train line between Canberra and Sydney runs through Queanbeyan. Coach services to the South Coast of NSW are available from Queanbeyan.

Community Transport, a Home and Community Care program, provides a door-to-door transport service to eligible people living in Queanbeyan for medical appointments, shopping, social or recreational activities.

The rate of ownership of motor vehicles in the city council area climbed across this reporting period. In June 2001 the rate was 610 vehicles per thousand population. The rate in June 2004 was 683 per thousand people. The figures in Table 1 show increases in most categories of vehicles over the reporting period. As with all other local government areas in the Australian Capital Region over that time, off-road passenger vehicle numbers increased in Queanbeyan City Council Area, though at a lower rate than some areas in the region.

Table 1. Registered motor vehicles in Queanbeyan City Council Area, 30 June 2001 to 30 June 2004
Vehicle categoryJun–01Jun–02Jun–03Jun–04
Passenger Vehicles13069134741421415576
Off-Road Passenger Vehicles1093136816912123
Small Buses186179159153
Mobile Homes35373537
Light Trucks4023410244285026
Heavy Trucks512529551653
Prime Movers51556866

* Light Plant, Heavy Plant and Other Vehicles; Source: NSW Roads and Traffic Authority

About the data

Information was sourced from Queanbeyan City Council and the NSW Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA). In using the statistics available on the RTA's website, trailer numbers were excluded.


Australian Bureau of Statistics (2003) 2001 Census of Population and Housing, Catalogue No. 2006.0, Working Population Profile.

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