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What the results tell us for Queanbeyan

Road assets

Queanbeyan City Council owns and maintains 265 kilometres of local road infrastructure; this includes roads in the former Yarrowlumla Shire which are now in the Queanbeyan City Council Area. State roads and Regional roads in the council area amount to another 46 kilometres. Approximately 67% of local roads are considered to be in satisfactory condition, 28% are in fair condition with the remainder classed as poor at the end of the reporting period.

Council received funds from the Roads to Recovery Programme in this reporting period which were used to reconstruct roads in the central business area of Queanbeyan township.

There are 154 kilometres of footpaths in the council area. An audit in 2006 identified that 5% of footpaths were in poor condition.

Water assets

Council's water infrastructure includes reservoirs, mains and pump stations. Their condition ranges from good/excellent to poor for older infrastructure that is progressively being replaced.

Sewerage assets

Sewerage infrastructure in Queanbeyan City Council Area comprises 321 kilometres of pipelines, 15 pumping stations and the sewage treatment plant (see Discharges to waters) at Oaks Estate. The majority of pipes are considered to be in excellent condition. Some sections of trunk mains are undersized for current flow rates and are therefore considered to be not satisfactory. The main pump station will be upgraded to allow for increased flow capacity and storage. The sewage treatment plant will need to be upgraded or a new one built to service new developments in the city.

Building assets

Council owns and maintains 48 buildings in the council area. The condition of office/administration buildings is excellent to satisfactory and the condition of change rooms and public facilities ranges from excellent to poor. The variable condition relates to the age of the buildings.

About the data

Information was sourced from the Queanbeyan City Council Annual Report 2005–06. Additional information on Roads to Recovery was obtained from the Commonwealth Department of Transport and Regional Services.


Department of Transport and Regional Services Roads to Recovery Programme, Commonwealth of Australia, viewed 26 June 2006,