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2004 Report


Contaminated sites

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What the results tell us for Queanbeyan

Queanbeyan City Council has information about 35 contaminated or probably contaminated sites located in the council area (see Tables 1 and 2). The number has increased from the 21 sites reported in the 2000 State of the Environment Report (OCE 2000), as redevelopment of old industrial, commercial and rural sites has taken place.

Council staff estimate there may be in excess of 100 other sites that would require further investigation if the landuse was to change. The total area of potentially or confirmed contaminated sites is not known.

Six sites were either partially or fully remediated during 2000 to 2004.

Table 1. Confirmed contaminated sites, Queanbeyan City Council Area, June 2004
LocationSite name/typeRemediated and dateActivityArea (m²)
GoogongRuralNoHydrocarbons, PAH*, organochlorines, PCB*, heavy metals, arsenic (sheep dip), mine tailingsNot Known
GreenleighRuralNoSheep dip, mining ores1,097,000
KarabarResidential SiteYes, 1998Hydrocarbons10
Queanbeyan CityCommercial SiteYes, 1998Hydrocarbons1,047
Queanbeyan CityCommercial SitePartial, 1999Hydrocarbons907
Queanbeyan CityCommercial SitePartial, 2000Hydrocarbons8,020
Queanbeyan CityResidential SiteYes, 1998 / 2003Hydrocarbons6,500
Queanbeyan CityCommercial SiteYes, 1999
Queanbeyan CityIndustrial SiteYes, 2003Hydrocarbons3,396
Queanbeyan EastWright Park Landfill Site NoLandfill55,100
Queanbeyan EastOld Multibricks Building Commercial SiteYes, 1999AsbestosApprox 55,600
Queanbeyan EastCommercial SiteYes, 1997Hydrocarbons23,110
Queanbeyan EastCommercial SiteNoHydrocarbons/asbestosApprox 56,000
Queanbeyan EastResidential SiteYes, 2003Hydrocarbons1,778
Queanbeyan EastIndustrial SiteYes, 2004Acid and lead from batteries (found in stormwater pipes)2,202
Queanbeyan WestHoover Road Landfill Site NoLandfill113,000
Queanbeyan WestCommercial SiteYes, 1995Sand blasting grit5,700
Queanbeyan WestCommercial SitePartial, 1995Lead986
Queanbeyan WestVacant SiteNoNot known (has been used to dump clean fill)2,525
Queanbeyan WestCommercial SitePartial, 1998Hydrocarbons827
Queanbeyan WestOpen SpaceYes, 1998Railway yards19,000
Queanbeyan WestCommercial SitePartial, 2004Hydrocarbons, heavy metals (Zinc), high pH soils, bonded asbestos, cement78,000

* PAH = Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon; PCB = Polychlorinated biphenyl; Source: Queanbeyan City Council

Table 2. Sites identified as likely to be affected by contamination, Queanbeyan City Council Area, June 2004
LocationSite name/typeRemediated and dateActivityArea (m²)
GoogongQuarry SiteNoHydrocarbons, explosives1,013,000
GoogongRuralNoLandfillNot known
JerrabomberraOld Jerrabomberra Quarry LandfillNoLandfill126,738
JerrabomberraRuralNoPesticides, hydrocarbonsNot known
JerrabomberraRuralNoRuralNot known
KarabarSteve Mauger Oval NoLandfill19,500
KarabarWhite Rocks Quarry NoLandfill25,800
Queanbeyan CityCommercial SiteNoHydrocarbons50
Queanbeyan CityCommercial SiteNoHydrocarbons347
Queanbeyan EastIndustrial SiteNoHydrocarbons1,518
Queanbeyan EastIndustrial SiteNoUnknown (likely hydrocarbons)16,271
Queanbeyan WestFreebody Oval - Northern area NoLandfillNot known
Queanbeyan WestCommercial SiteNoHydrocarbons; possibly lead938

Source: Queanbeyan City Council

About the data

Information was provided by Queanbeyan City Council.


OCE—see Office of the Commissioner for the Environment

Office of the Commissioner for the Environment (2000) Australian Capital Region State of the Environment Report 2000, Office of the Commissioner for the Environment, Canberra (see indicator 'Land contamination' for Queanbeyan).