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What the results tell us for Goulburn

Changes to the listed heritage estate for Goulburn Mulwaree Council over the past four years show that:

  • One place was listed on the Commonwealth Heritage List (Goulburn Post Office).
  • Two places have been added to the Register of the National Estate (Wollogorang, Breadalbane and Morton National Park),
  • Two places have been added to the New South Wales (NSW) Heritage register (Hillas farm, Bannaby and Mayfield - Welcome Reef Dam, Lower Boro).
  • Many more places now appear on the local Section 170 heritage register as there were heritage places included in the former Mulwaree Shire that are now included in the list for Goulburn Mulwaree Council area.
  • Three places have been added to the Goulburn Mulwaree Council Local Environmental Plan (LEP) heritage list (Christ Church Rectory, Goulburn, Landsdowne Bridge, Goulburn and St Matthew's Church, Bannaby).

Details of listed places

There are 58 places in the Goulburn Mulwaree Council area listed on Commonwealth heritage lists. One place is on the Commonwealth Heritage List and 57 places are entered in the Register of the National Estate and two are on the National Heritage List. The 57 places in the RNE are:

Places listed on the Register of the National Estate

Lansdowne, Outbuildings and Jewish Temple, Bungonia Rd, Goulburn

Garroorigang and Stables, Braidwood Rd, Goulburn

Goulburn Town Hall, 163 Auburn St, Goulburn

Marsden Steam Museum, Crookwell Rd, Goulburn

Lansdowne Bridge, Bungonia Rd, Goulburn

Riversdale, Maud St, Goulburn

Sloane Street Group, 158 – 188 Sloane St, Goulburn

Mulwaree Private Hotel, 158 – 166 Sloane St, Goulburn

Terraces, 168 – 174 Sloane St, Goulburn

Terraces and Former Shop, 176 – 186 Sloane St, Goulburn

Southern Railway Hotel (former), 188 Sloane St, Goulburn

Goulburn Brewery, Bungonia Rd, Goulburn

St Saviours Anglican Cathedral, Bourke St, Goulburn

Goulburn Post Office, 165Auburn St, Goulburn

St Clair, 318 Sloane St, Goulburn

Bull and Woodward Archway, 10 Market St, Goulburn

Goulburn Courthouse Group, Montague St, Goulburn

Goulburn Courthouse, Setting and Fence, Montague St, Goulburn

Goulburn Courthouse (former) and Police Station (former), Sloane St, Goulburn

Belmore Park, Auburn St, Goulburn

Fire Station (former), 11 Montague St, Goulburn

Railway Station Group, Sloane St, Goulburn

Goulburn Gaol, Maud St, Goulburn

ANZ Bank (former), 256 Auburn St, Goulburn

Our Lady Of Mercy Convent and Chapel, Clinton St, Goulburn

Bishops Residence and Presbytery and Front Fence, 36 Verner St, Goulburn

Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral and Fence, Bourke St, Goulburn

Catholic Cathedral Group, Bourke St, Goulburn

South African War Memorial, Market St, Goulburn

Glenrock Homestead, Stone Outbuildings, Grounds and Trees, Bundanoon Rd, Marulan

Towrang Bridge and Culverts, Hume Hwy, Towrang

Towrang Convict Stockade & Magazine, Hume Hwy, Towrang

Danganelly Farmhouse, Greenwich Park Rd, Towrang

St James Chapel on Kippilaw, Gurrundah Rd, Goulburn

Kippilaw Garden, Gurrundah Rd, Goulburn

Kippilaw Homestead Group, Gurrundah Rd, Goulburn

St James Anglican Church Cemetery, Gurrundah Rd, Goulburn

Norwood, Middle Arm Rd, Goulburn

Burrungurroolong and Stables, Braidwood Rd, Tirrannaville

Burrungurroolong Garden, Braidwood Rd, Tirrannaville

Lockyersleigh, , Towrang

Lockyersleigh Garden, , Towrang

Inverary Park, Inverary Rd, Bungonia

Lake Bathurst Public School (former), Goulburn - Braidwood Rd, Lake Bathurst

Tarago Railway Station, Goulburn - Braidwood Rd, Tarago

Lumley Park Homestead, Outbuildings and Curtilage, Windellama Rd, Bungonia

Tirranna, Garden, Farm Complex and Cemetery, Braidwood Rd, Tirrannaville

Tirranna Original Garden Remains, Braidwood Rd, Tirranaville

Tirranna - Gibson Family Cemetery, Braidwood Rd, Tirrannaville

Wollogorang Garden, Hume Hwy, Breadalbane

Wollogorang and Stable Block, Hume Hwy, Breadalbane

Caarne Historic Site, Lookdown Rd, Bungonia

Rossi Bridge, Grabben Gullen Rd, Goulburn

Bungonia State Recreation Area, Lookdown Rd, Bungonia

Spring Creek Bungonia Historic Area, Spring Ridge Rd, Bungonia

Long Gully Mining Area, Bungonia

Morton National Park (1980 boundary), Bundanoon

Commonwealth Heritage listed place

The one place listed on the Commonwealth Heritage List is Goulburn Post Office, 165 Auburn St, Goulburn.

Places listed on the NSW Heritage Register

There are 27 places listed on the NSW Heritage Register:

Alpine Lodge Hotel, 244-248 Sloane Street, Goulburn

Christ Church Anglican, King Street, Bungonia

CML Building, Clifford Street, Goulburn

Connollys Mill, Sloane Street, Goulburn

Glen-Dor - Welcome Reef Dam, Windellama Road, Lower Boro

Goulburn Brewery, Bungonia Road, Goulburn

Goulburn Correctional Centre complex, Maud Street (off), Goulburn

Goulburn Court House and Residence, Montague Street, Goulburn

Goulburn Post Office, 165 Auburn Street, Goulburn

Goulburn Pumping Station, Marsden Weir & Appleby Steam Engine, Wollondilly River, Goulburn

Goulburn railway group movable relics, Main Southern railway, Goulburn

Goulburn Railway Station, yard and workshop, Main Southern railway, Goulburn

Goulburn Viaduct (Mulwaree Ponds), Main Southern railway, Goulburn

Hillas Farm Homestead and Outbuildings, Bannaby

Kenmore Hospital Precinct, Taralga Road, Goulburn

Lansdowne Bridge, Bungonia Road, Goulburn

Marulan Railway Station and yard group, Main Southern railway, Marulan

Mayfield - Welcome Reef Dam, Mayfield Road, Lower Boro

Old Marulan Town, Marulan

Old Police Barracks, Sloane Street, Goulburn

Ooranook - Welcome Reef Dam, Mayfield-Charleyong Road, Stewarts Crossing

Railway Workshops (former), Sloane Street, Goulburn

Riversdale, Maud Street, Goulburn

Rossi Bridge over Wollondilly River, Main Road 248, Goulburn

St Clair, 318 Sloane Street, Goulburn

Tallong Railway Station, yard and water supply, Main Southern railway, Tallong

Tarago Railway Station group, Goulburn-Bombala railway, Tarago

Places listed on the NSW Section 170 Heritage Register

There are 70 places listed on the NSW Section 170 Heritage Register:

Administration Block, Taralga Road, Kenmore

Blackshaw Road Underbridges (Plate Web Girders Down and Up Sidings ), Goulburn

Boiler House, Taralga Road, Kenmore

Central Building and former Pavilions, Goldsmith, Faithfull, Clifford Streets, Goulburn

Chapel, Taralga Road, Kenmore

Coorawong House/Regional Office, Taralga Road, Kenmore

Cottage, Taralga Road, Kenmore

Cottage, Taralga Road, Kenmore

Cottage 1, Taralga Road, Kenmore

Cottage 15, Taralga Road, Kenmore

Cottage 2, Taralga Road, Kenmore

Cottage No. 11, Taralga Road, Kenmore

Cottage No. 12, Taralga Road, Kenmore

Cottages 13 and 14, Taralga Road, Kenmore

Dental Clinic Building, Taralga Road, Kenmore

Double Cottage, Taralga Road, Kenmore

Electrician/Painter, Taralga Road, Kenmore

Farm Garage, Taralga Road, Kenmore

Gate Pavilion, Taralga Road, Kenmore

Glasshouse/Stores, Taralga Road, Kenmore

Goulburn Ambulance Station, 18 Clifford Street, Goulburn

Goulburn Correctional Centre - A Wing, Maud Street (off), Gouburn

Goulburn Correctional Centre - B Wing, Maud Street (off), Goulburn

Goulburn Correctional Centre - C Wing, Maud Street (off), Goulburn

Goulburn Correctional Centre - Chapel, Maud Street (off), Goulburn

Goulburn Correctional Centre - Civilian Service Building, Maud Street (off), Goulburn

Goulburn Correctional Centre - D Wing, Maud Street (off), Goulburn

Goulburn Correctional Centre - Superintendent Office, Maud Street (off), Goulburn

Goulburn Correctional Centre - Training Centre Inner Grounds, Maud Street (off), Goulburn

Goulburn Station Footbridge, Goulburn

Goulburn Station, Yard And Workshop, Goulburn

Goulburn Viaduct (Mulwaree Ponds), Goulburn

Goulburn Yard Footbridge, Over Multiple Track Yard South Of Platforms, Goulburn

Grain Silos and Farm Buildings, Taralga Road, Kenmore

Hospital Cottage, Taralga Road, Kenmore

Kenmore Hospital Complex, Taralga Road, Kenmore

Male Amenities Building, Taralga Road, Kenmore

Marulan Station And Yard Group, Marulan

Mortuary, Taralga Road, Kenmore

Moss Vale (Down Side) Footbridge, Access From Argyle Street To Station, Moss Vale

Moss Vale (Up Side) Footbridge, North Of Platform Over Up Yard, Moss Vale

Pharmacy/Engineer, Taralga Road, Kenmore

Recreation Hall, Taralga Road, Kenmore

Residence, Taralga Road, Kenmore

Sports Pavilion, Taralga Road, Kenmore

Sports Shed, Taralga Road, Kenmore

Stables and Shed, Taralga Road, Kenmore

Staff Amenities, Taralga Road, Kenmore

Stores/Shed, Taralga Road, Kenmore

Summer House, Taralga Road, Kenmore

Tallong Station, Yard And Water Supply,Tallong

Temporary Laundry/Store and Tower, Taralga Road, Kenmore

Tennis Pavilion, Taralga Road, Kenmore

Ward 1, Taralga Road, Kenmore

Ward 10, Taralga Road, Kenmore

Ward 11, Taralga Road, Kenmore

Ward 12, Taralga Road, Kenmore

Ward 13/14, Taralga Road, Kenmore

Ward 15, Taralga Road, Kenmore

Ward 17, Taralga Road, Kenmore

Ward 18, Taralga Road, Kenmore

Ward 19, Taralga Road, Kenmore

Ward 2, Taralga Road, Kenmore

Ward 3, Taralga Road, Kenmore

Ward 4, Taralga Road, Kenmore

Ward 5, Taralga Road, Kenmore

Ward 6, Taralga Road, Kenmore

Ward 8, Taralga Road, Kenmore

Ward 9, Taralga Road, Kenmore

Wollondilly River Underbridge, Steel Trusses 3km past station, Goulburn

Heritage places listed on the local environment plan

There are 22 places listed under the Goulburn Mulwaree Council LEP:

Antrim House, 11 George Street, Goulburn

Christ Church and Rectory, 128-130 Addison Street, Goulburn

Christ Church Rectory, 128 Addison Road, Goulburn

Homestead and Stables, Garroorigang Estate, Goulburn

House, 133 Kinghorn Street, Goulburn

House, 22 Argyle Street, Goulburn

House and Outbuildings, Garroorigang Road, Goulburn

Jewish Cemetery, 25 Long Street, Eastgrove

Landsdowne Bridge, Bungonia Road over Mulwaree Ponds, Goulburn

Lawrenny, 6 Lawrenny Avenue, Goulburn

Leigh House with stables, 2 Chantry Street, Goulburn

Locomotive Round House and Wellington Shed, Braidwood Road, Goulburn

Orphanage, Taralga Road, Goulburn

St Nicholas Anglican Church, 15-17 Kinghorne Street, Goulburn

St Patrick's College, Clintons Street, Goulburn

Tarrawingee, 10 Opal Street, Goulburn

Tenneriffe, Mary's Mount Road, Goulburn

The Potteries, Common Street, Goulburn

The Rectory, Gilmore Street, Goulburn

Wynella, off Mazamet Road, Goulburn – homestead demolished, stone stables remain

Indigenous heritage

There are no listed Aboriginal Cultural Heritage sites in the Goulburn Mulwaree Council area.

Current condition of known heritage places

No information is available on the condition of heritage sites for the reporting period and little information on condition prior to the reporting period either. The condition of many sites has not been updated since they were listed on the Register of the National Estate.

Resources for heritage identification and management

Heritage protection is a high priority for Goulburn Mulwaree, with approximately 2,500 individually listed properties within the Goulburn Heritage Inventory. The majority of properties located within the Heritage Conservation Area are located in the centre of the city.

A Community Heritage Study has also been completed for the former Mulwaree Shire. This Inventory lists and describes over 100 items of heritage importance.

Council has established a Register of Significant Vegetation aimed at protecting significant stands of vegetation.

Goulburn Mulwaree Council recently adopted a 2008-2011 Heritage Strategy which aims to:

  • Establish a heritage committee to deal with heritage matters

The Goulburn Heritage Group provides a voice to residents interested in preserving Goulburn's Heritage and this has led to increased community participation, awareness and appreciation of heritage. The Goulburn Heritage Group has participated in the LEP, DCP and the Goulburn CBD Master Plan process.

  • Identify the heritage items in Goulburn Mulwaree and list them in the local environmental plan

Goulburn Mulwaree Council, with the assistance of the Heritage Advisor, will continue to investigate and report upon places of heritage significance.

  • Appoint a heritage advisor to assist the Council, the community and owners of listed items

The Heritage Advisory Program has been conducted in Goulburn since 1989. The Heritage Advisor will continue to be available to discuss with residents their proposed works for heritage places.

  • Continue to operate a local heritage fund

This fund will provide small grants to encourage local heritage projects.

  • Properly manage places owned or operated by Council.

Council has responsibility for several major cemeteries within the Goulburn Mulwaree area. Maintenance and conservation strategies for these areas are to be devised as part of the Heritage Advisor Program.

  • Promote sustainable development as a tool for heritage conservation

Goulburn Mulwaree promotes an overall development policy incorporating heritage conservation. Council supports sustainable culture tourism and increased investment to maintain and/or invigorate the cultural resources on which local tourism is based.

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