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Living Sustainably

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Advancing sustainability through advocacy, independent scrutiny, reporting and advice on environmental matters.

Our Values

Independence - we empower through objectivity, transparent processes, considered evaluations and appropriate confidentiality.

Caring - our high regard for the environment, our community, and future generations sustains our efforts.

Innovation - we seek to use the best available knowledge to pursue solutions that may not be evident or even exist yet.

Empathy - we take realistic approaches in recognising the realities faced by the individuals and organisations with whom we engage.

Collaboration - we take an integrated and inclusive approach.Learn more about the Commissioner



ACT annual heritage symposium being held at Mt Stromlo today. What a site to talk about the environment - a big wind taking our hats off! Full house talking Inside Out and Outside In. The Urban and Regional Landscape. Partners in sponsoring the event included Australian ICOMOS, Canberra Archaeological Society, Canberra and District Historical Society and the National Trust of Australia. Very pleased to be asked to provide the keynote and talk about State of the Environment Reporting.


Pets play an important role in many households with many regarded as ‘family’ members. Australia-wide around 40% of households have one or more dogs. Here are three ways you can reduce your dog’s impact on the environment: • Desex and microchip your dog • Walk your dog regularly and collect their poo to reduce pollution of waterways • Supplement your dog’s diet of purchased food with off-cuts from your local butcher and small amounts of cooked vegetables and rice And if you are thinking about purchasing a new dog – check out the RSPCA shelter Adopt-a-Pet: https://www.adoptapet.com.au/ ACT Government Conservation

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